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  • Hacker Breaks Into French Government's New Secure Messaging App
    by [email protected] (Swati Khandelwal) on April 19, 2019 at 3:35 pm

    A white-hat hacker found a way to get into the French government's newly launched, secure encrypted messaging app that otherwise can only be accessed by officials and politicians with email accounts associated with the government identities. Dubbed "Tchap," the end-to-end encrypted, open source messaging app has been created by the French government with an aim to keep their officials, […]

  • Facebook Stored Millions of Instagram Users' Passwords in Plaintext
    by [email protected] (Swati Khandelwal) on April 18, 2019 at 7:29 pm

    Facebook late last month revealed that the social media company mistakenly stored passwords for "hundreds of millions" of Facebook users in plaintext, including "tens of thousands" passwords of its Instagram users as well. Now it appears that the incident is far worse than first reported. <!-- adsense --> Facebook today quietly updated its March press release, adding that the actual number of […]

  • Facebook Collected Contacts from 1.5 Million Email Accounts Without Users' Permission
    by [email protected] (Swati Khandelwal) on April 18, 2019 at 11:00 am

    Not a week goes without a new Facebook blunder. Remember the most recent revelation of Facebook being caught asking users new to the social network platform for their email account passwords to verify their identity? At the time, it was suspected that Facebook might be using access to users' email accounts to unauthorizedly and secretly gather a copy of their saved contacts. Now it turns […]

  • Drupal Releases Core CMS Updates to Patch Several Vulnerabilities
    by [email protected] (Swati Khandelwal) on April 17, 2019 at 9:51 pm

    Drupal, the popular open-source content management system, has released security updates to address multiple "moderately critical" vulnerabilities in Drupal Core that could allow remote attackers to compromise the security of hundreds of thousands of websites. According to the advisories published today by the Drupal developers, all security vulnerabilities Drupal patched this month reside in […]

  • Researcher Hijacks a Microsoft Service Using Loophole in Azure Cloud Platform
    by [email protected] (Mohit Kumar) on April 17, 2019 at 8:16 pm

    A cybersecurity professional today demonstrated a long-known unpatched weakness in Microsoft's Azure cloud service by exploiting it to take control over Windows Live Tiles, one of the key features Microsoft built into Windows 8 operating system. Introduced in Windows 8, the Live tiles feature was designed to display content and notifications on the Start screen, allowing users to continuously […]

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